Israel — History, Politics, and Ideology

For those certain of Israel’s place holding the moral high ground but uncertain how to respond to historical revisionists and moral equivocators, here is a series of articles providing background and perspective.  To be updated over the next few weeks.

Shine the Light of History on the Middle East — Historical perspectives on the creation and survival of Israel.

The Road to Compromise is a Two-Way Street — Observations on the hypocracy of the so-called peace process.

Hopefully or Cynically, all the World looks to Israel — the symbol the world needs but doesn’t want.

Who are the Real Nazis? — Observations on world opinion and moral equivalence.

A Short History of Justice — Reflections on world reaction in light of the reality on the ground.

The Moral Clarity of Gaza — Reflections on the latest military exercise and the world’s reaction.

Links to Gaza — Thomas Sowell, Charles Krauthammer, Dennis Prager, and others.

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