Rediscovering Chanukah — the mystical meaning of the dreidel and the roots of exile.

Kindling the Lights of Wisdom — what poses a greater danger to civilization:  religion or religious uncertainty?

The Candles and the Tree — to search for a lost heritage, and to risk everything to prevent it from becoming lost.

Illuminating the Days of Darkness — understanding the eight days of re-creation.

Lighting our Way to the Palace of the King — the most profound exile is when we forget we have been exiled.

Free Judea Under Shimon Maccabee — the aftermath of the Chanukah rebellion

The Candles and the Stars — a scholarly look into the unique opportunity of exile.

Latkes with Cranberry Sauce? — The Maccabees and the Puritans have more in common than you might think.

My hopeless lament over Maoz Tzur.

2008 Olympic ReflectionsChina, Fried in Greece, part 1 and part 2.

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    Your blog is so informative … ..I just bookmarked you….keep up the good work!!!!

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