Rosh HaShonah

Insights into the Day of Judgment

A Present for Heaven — What my daughter taught me about cynicism and enthusiasm.

Rosh HaShonah Tailor-Made — how to respond when fate seems unkind or unjust.

Video:  A Rosh Hashanah message for all mankind.

Ego and Ideology — the tragedy of Gedaliah ben Achikom reveals the folly of good intentions

A Defense for the Defenseless — when we have no recourse but to throw ourselves upon the mercy of the court.

Rosh HaShonah and the Mysteries of the Universe — grappling with the Book of Job and the suffering of the righteous.

Balancing the Scales of Freedom — Judgment Day and 9/11.

The Echo of Sinai — Historical origins of Rosh HaShonah.

The Yoke of Divine Monarchy — Shouldering our burdens through the coming year.

When we aren’t who we Think we are — How would you react to discovering a lifetime of mistaken identity?

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