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Is life unfair?


Anyone who has raised children — or been a child — should be well familiar with the plaint, “It’s not fair!”

If we’re honest, however, we’ll admit that our intolerance for unfairness is something we never outgrow.

  • Another candidate got the job.
  • My co-worker got the promotion.
  • The professor gave me a B.
  • It was the other driver’s fault.
  • Why did my neighbour win the lottery and not me?

And those are the mundane questions. The far more imposing question of universal injustice is either too painful to contemplate or too devastating to ignore:

  • The Pacific Rim tsunami.
  • Hurricane Katrina.
  • The twin towers.
  • COVID -19.
  • The Holocaust.

We want to believe in an all-powerful, all-merciful God. But how can we believe in a God who allows acts of injustice great and small or, even worse, seems to perpetuate them Himself?

Let’s start with a most fundamental question: why did God create the universe?

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Rosh Hashanah and the conversation of sages

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Amein: a short step of faith

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Tanor shel Achnai

One of the most fascinating and perplexing episodes in talmudic literature is the fierce debate between Rabbi Eliezer and the sages over an apparently arcane point of Jewish law.

Thank you to Rabbi Yaakov Berkowitz of the St. Louis Kollel for inviting me to contribute to the Amud Yomi program with this discussion.

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