ONE DAY ONLY — Special Fundraising Drive for Block Yeshiva

Your ten dollars can help us win hundreds
Your hundreds can help us win thousands
You can help multiply your contribution to Torah education
and support
On May 5th go to
specify that your donation is for
(Block) Yeshiva High School
or go to
All donations must be between $10 and $500
Visa/ MasterCard/ Discover Card accepted

Through this community-wide event
your charitable contribution earns matching funds if you donate online at these times:

6:00-6:20 AM Central time
(7:00-7:20 AM Eastern/ Wednesday 2:00-2:20 AM Israel time)

11:00-11:20 PM Central time
(Midnight-12:20 AM Eastern/ Wednesday 2:00-2:20 PM Israel time)


$5000 Bonus
For more information, call us at 872-8701

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Parshas Kedoshim Podcast

Finding the Extraordinary within the Ordinary

imgresWhat does it mean to be kadosh — “holiness” and “sanctity” are concepts that don’t register in modern society.  If we think that holiness requires us to retreat behind the walls of our study halls and places of worship, the Torah says otherwise.

Click here for my 5-minute audio lecture.

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Why are you missing out?

What does the bar-headed goose have to teach us about striking spiritual balance in our lives?  Is the separation of church and state really as fundamental to the constitution as everyone thinks it is?  When is stress really a good thing?

If you’ve been following my new blog, you know the answers.

imagesBut for some reason, the majority of you who follow this blog have not switched over to my main blog

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I look forward to hearing from you.


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Visionaries and Ideology: a study in contrasts

imagesWho knew a trip to New York could be so emotional?

I didn’t want to go in the first place. As my 92-year-old student likes to quote: Travelling is for peasants.

But my wife convinced me with simple arithmetic. Four tickets to bring three kids and son-in-law home or two tickets to visit them. No-brainer.

So I went grudgingly, confirming in the end the truism that some of life’s most profound moments come not only unexpected but against our will.

Our first stop was the 9/11 museum. I marveled at the artistic vision that had conceived the memorial pools, the water channeling down in rivulets that mirrored the face of the fallen towers, the continuous downward rush balanced by the redemptive feeling of water — the source of life — returning to the heart of the world. Here there was solace, closure, and consolation.

But a very different feeling accosted me inside. Almost upon entering the doors a single word brandished itself across my mind’s eye: Holocaust.

Let me explain.
Read the whole article here.

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Don’t Miss Out

Timeless image fullIf you’ve been following and enjoying this site, please sign on with my new site,

TorahIdeals will continue, but will be limited to strictly Torah essays, while my new site will take over those articles and links that engage the secular world and culture to include a broader, more universalist audience.

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Introducing my new Website

Please take a look at my new site,

Same spiritual insights offered in a more universalist presentation, directed toward all seekers of inspiration, self-awareness, moral clarity, and personal development.

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Leadership vs. Ideology

What bad calls in baseball teach us about global terrorism, climate change, and the leadership to face the real problems that threaten civilized society

7811115782_9f4bf679b3_oBaseball aficionados will not soon forget the game played on June 2, 2010, at Comerica Park between the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians. Detroit pitcher Armando Galarraga should have become the 21st pitcher in Major League history to throw a perfect game. Instead, the first base umpire called Indians batter Jason Donald safe at first base, handing Mr. Galarraga the lesser distinction as winning pitcher of baseball’s most “Imperfect Game.”

The question on everyone’s mind was, justifiably: How could this happen?

In an interview with NPR’s Shankar Vedantam, Etan Green of Stanford Business School offered this thesis based on her research team’s observation and analysis of over a million pitches:

“If you’re an umpire and you’re unsure about what the correct call is and you’re given a choice between one call that’s particularly consequential and one call that’s relatively inconsequential, they will more or less preserve the status quo.”

This says a lot about the process of calling plays, which is much more of an art than a science. It also suggests applications that extend far beyond the field of athletics.

Read the whole article here.

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