Too good to be true

Hard to believe, but a 9-year-old little-league pitcher has been disqualified for throwing the ball too fast.  Against a record of eight wins and no losses, the other team gave up before the game even began.  Faced with the injustice of vastly superior talent, the league organizers ruled that the pitcher with the extraordinary arm would not be allowed to play.

Somehow, I suspect this never happened to Sandy Koufax.

Do we really want to teach our children that we will penalize them for ability and achievement while protecting them from stiff competition?   Kind of reminds me of what I wrote a couple of days ago about the Olympics.

It’s ironic that the boy played in New Haven, home of Yale University, one of the three most prestigious — and competitive — schools in the country.  Even more ironic is the link at the bottom of the article:  See photos of Olympic champion Michael Phelps.

Should the IOC should take away Phelps’s medals and distribute them among less talented athletes?

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