Self-Congratulatory Self-Indulgence Dept.

Here’s a comment from my recent article, The White Fedora, on

I have been a faithful reader of for more years than I can remember, and this is one of the most deeply satisfying articles I have ever read here.

Quite recently at a Shabbos meal a wonderful young rabbi I know was musing aloud about the difficulty of teaching young people the fallacy of moral relativism. I “just happened” to be a guest at his table. A few days later, I “just happened” to visit a certain Jewish website (not this one) for the first time in many months, if not years. While browsing the articles on that site I “just happened” to read an article Rabbi Goldson wrote about his fascinating experience demonstrating the fallacy of moral relativism to young people in Budapest. How delightful that it “just happened” to be published at just that time.

Of course I sent a link to the rabbi whose family had so kindly shared a Shabbos meal with me. He replied with the comment, “Thank you, it was great!!”

Rabbi Goldson, you and he might never meet in this lifetime, but surely that article of yours will contribute to his good work in a way that would give you great pleasure if you knew. I”m delighted just to have been allowed to be a means of making such an obviously necessary connection.

As you say, “Whether *or* not we recognize how our individual contributions complete the symphony has no bearing on the value of those contributions.” True — but even a small degree of recognition, when it comes, adds so much richness and depth of meaning to this strange adventure of being alive, this weird and wonderful symphony we’re all part of.

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