Protesting Violence Against Whom?

Here’s another news flash:  Muslims Protest Gaza Violence.  I’m trying hard to remember, but I can’t seem to recall any stories headed with Muslims Protest 9/11.

It’s ironic, really, how so many Jews today take up every cause of injustice, from Darfor to Rwanda to YouNameIt, with the most extreme apologists bending over backward to embrace the perverse moral equivalence of the Left by faulting Israel for inciting the Palestinians.  In a strange way, it’s symptomatic of a positive inclination, the willingness to examine oneself and judge others favorably, to damand justice not only when one’s own welfare is threatened but for others whom one may never meet.  It’s a traditionally Jewish response to not stand by indifferently while others suffer.

As much as it may be true that most Muslims and most Arabs are not terrorists themselves, as much as it may be true that Hamas has created a culture of terror where even those who condemn their actions and tactics are afraid to open their mouths in protest, where is the outrage on the “Arab Street” over violence against non-Muslims?  Remember their response to 9/11?  It wasn’t outrage, it was elation.

If the Arab and Muslim worlds truly want peace, they need to show us that they care about victims other than their own.

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