A Lifetime of Mistaken Identity

Two girls switched at birth discover the mistake after half-a-century.

How would you react?

  1. #1 by Samuel on May 22, 2009 - 12:00 am

    It was a pleasant shock to see the story of an “identity discovery” event happening late in life in print.

    I had a very similar experience on March 5, 1995 when I discovered that I was not right-handed, that I was actually left-handed. That discovery and the events that followed when I became left-handed were so intense that a book was needed and eventually written, which is HIDDEN HANDEDNESS – the Untold Story of Handedness Reversals available through Amazon.com.

    As I learned, the topic has not been researched in a meaningful manner, and there was a need to get the story told. There could be as many as 800 million individuals worldwide who were were trained to reverse their handedness at a young age and thus their brains have been re-wired thanks to plasticity.

    If you are interested, get the book and read up on this topic or feel free to write me at http://www.hiddenhandedness.com.

    Thanks for telling this story!

    Samuel M. Randolph

  2. #2 by markowitz on June 1, 2009 - 11:06 pm


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