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How to get rich

A wealthy matron asked Rabbi Yossi bar Chalafta: “What is the meaning of the verse, [God] grants wisdom to the wise (Daniel 2:21)? Isn’t this superfluous? Should it not rather state that God grants wisdom to the unwise and knowledge to those who lack understanding?”

Discover the wisdom of Pirkei Avos and the sages’ formula for wealth and prosperity.


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A Lesson in Leadership

In the year 245 BCE, Ptolemy II of Egypt summoned the sages of Israel and ordered them to translate the Torah into Greek. Fearing that certain passages might be misinterpreted if translated literally, the sages opted to alter the language of the verses rather than open the door to heretical distortions.

One such verse was the Almighty’s famous contemplation, “Let us make man in our image” (Genesis 1:26), which the sages recast in the Greek equivalent of “I will make man in My image,” thereby precluding the false impression that God is something other than indivisible or shares His power.

But why did the Almighty Himself choose to record this verse in the plural and not the singular? The sages explain that the Torah comes to teach a critical lesson in leadership.

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Ethics of Fathers 4:9 — Overconfidence!

How a rush to judgment threatens civil society.


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Lag B’Omer — The Illumination of a Good Heart

A spellbinding analysis of this most mystical of holidays, according to the Chassidic classic B’nei Yissosschar.


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Honor and Disgrace — Ethics of Fathers 4:8

Sweat the small stuff — that’s where it all starts.

My latest Pirkei Avos column offers a practical approach to spiritual sensitivity.

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Degrees of Separation

Our commitment to the community must be our highest priority.

New column on Pirkei Avos.


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In the Service of the King

Read my new Pirkei Avos column on how the longing of our hearts can affect our prayers.

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