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Sanctifying God’s Name

I’m quite certain my colleague and editor Benyamin Jolkovsky won’t mind my posting this letter.  It should be a source of true hope for all of us.


Dear Mr. Jolkovsky:


You have my permission to print and edit this letter (I’m sure there are a lot of mistakes in it.), but under no circumstances may you reveal my identity. You will soon see why.

You may not remember me. I am a Pakistani college student who first started reading Jewish World Review while doing research for a paper that I was writing on how the Internet is enabling Jews/Zionists to help their cause. In various Islamic sites I have bookmarked, I would see references to Jewish World Review. It was often described as “hateful”. You were named as an “enemy of Islam”. For my paper, you were the perfect subject.


I wrote to you with the hope of engaging you in a debate. You responded politely saying that you didn’t have the time but disagreed with how you were being labeled. You challenged me to read Jewish World Review for 6 months and predicted that if I did that I would find myself changed.


The six months ended a number of months ago. My paper was written and I’m still reading your site. Not because I am required to because of research, but because it tells the truth and it inspires me.


That’s not an easy thing to admit. But it is the truth.


Your site has, as you predicted, changed my view of the West and, particularly, of Jews. I only wish that more Muslims could see and feel what I now do.


I was taught that America is the “Great Satan” and the Jews and Israel are the “little Satan”. We see America as exporting filth and atheism to the world; ruining the world. After reading Jewish World Review, I have begun to understand that my understanding of America is very limited. On your site, I see your writers denouncing immorality and immodesty. I also read the articles by rabbis encouraging people to treat each other better no matter what their faith. Your articles often teach concepts about Judaism that are the same as in Islam. But my teachers never were able to make the teachings meaningful. They seemed so stale. On Jewish World Review there is no hatred. I also read hurtful but truthful articles about Islam.


The problem of the jihadists is a growing danger. As long as it is, nobody is safe. Not the West and not us who are just trying to live our lives but are scared into silence. The jihadists are winning. Your articles are showing how they are doing so. What you report sickens me because it is all true. Not enough people understand the danger. You do. And your readers do. It is important that you continue to tell the truth but also publish articles that encourage warmth and friendship, not just hurtful but true words as some other sites do. Those were the other sites I used as examples in my paper.


I know of other Muslims like me who are reading Jewish World Review. By keeping your site free and open to all without registration, you are helping people like me.

I’m writing you this letter because, for obvious reasons, I cannot send in a donation.. Before you wrote that you wanted to make a difference. I can tell you that you are. Your readers in the West who are free, have the ability and should be supporting you. It is sad that somebody who works as hard as you do doesn’t get the help that he needs.

Mr. Jolkovsky, you are changing lives. You certainly have changed mine and I know of others as well. There are most likely many, many more that you are not aware of.



There’s not much that I can add. All I can say is: Thank you so much! — BLJ



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In SINCERE gratitude and friendship,

Binyamin L. Jolkovsky,
Editor in Chief

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