Atheists in Bubbleland

In case you missed it, last month the world celebrated Blasphemy Day. This may be just the beginning of a widening schism between traditional and fundamentalist atheists.

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  1. #1 by Steven Edward Aanes on October 28, 2009 - 2:16 pm

    In all my nearly 58 years, I really do not believe I have encountered a genuinely true atheist.

    I do know that when we had “incoming,” those who verbalized the strongest about being non-believers were the first to shout “Oh G_d!” when the going became the toughest.

    When taunted about this, they invariably would say, “Oh, I meant it as a swear word.”


    What I believe it all comes down to is this:

    In spite of what anyone says (even a brain like fellow biologist Dawkins or this man Christopher Hitchens– don’t listen to what someone says, listen to what he or she is really saying!), I think we are all born with an innate realization of the existence of Hashem.

    Even the animals know it. The leviathan speech in Job is my favorite in all of Tanach.

    What one may hear expressed as hateful rhetoric, I have often noted, is rebellion, rebellion from someone who is crying out for help from the ultimate parent.

    Argue with Him, yell at Him, even cuss at Him, but for the love of all you hold dear, never, never, never deny Him.

    Of course only the Maker knows His creation, so who am I to know what is in anyone else’s heart?

    Only Hashem knows.

    And even a screaming denial yelled in the right direction can be a plea for help.

    … just a few thoughts about humanity’s imperfections …

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