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Why are you missing out?

What does the bar-headed goose have to teach us about striking spiritual balance in our lives?  Is the separation of church and state really as fundamental to the constitution as everyone thinks it is?  When is stress really a good thing?

If you’ve been following my new blog, you know the answers.

imagesBut for some reason, the majority of you who follow this blog have not switched over to my main blog

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Don’t Depend on a Miracle…

However, if one comes along, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  These pictures a worth a look, and worth more than a thousand words.


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The White Fedora

Fate, doom, karma, destiny, Divine Providence — Jewish philosophy has its own name for the guiding hand of the Almighty:  hashgocha pratis.  It’s easy to dismiss as happenstance.  But here’s how an instant of impulse shopping led me to imagine what it might be like if we could see the outcome of every situation.

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